FPS drop

Hi, so two days ago, i turned on my laptop and open forza, suddenly the fps drop from to 15-20 fps. The other day i play it was fine, i get around 30-40 fps which is playable for me. Does anyone know how to fix this? I run benchmark test that i got yesterday

Might depend on the hardware. Does your laptop have an NVIDIA graphics card of some sort? If so, might be worth checking if it’s installed the latest Game Ready driver that appeared a day or two ago…I know of someone who had a horrendous fps drop which was resolved by updating the driver.

The laptop specs are here and it is indeed nvidia.

To the OP, have you changed anything since it used to work a lot better? Like drivers? If so, consider reverting back to the old ones. Sometimes newer ones have caused problems in this game.

Also worth checking: do you have some malware or virus scan software that’s sucking up your CPU cycles behind the scenes, check hardware manager to make sure Forza is the only thing that’s resource intensive on the laptop when you’re gaming.

Look at the benchmark results, it’s GPU limited - the CPU isn’t holding the performance back.