ForzaTune vs. QuickTune

What is the consensus on these apps for FM7? I’d like to choose one. It seems QuickTune is not track specific which doesn’t bother me in fact that is less of a hassle but it does offer that auto aero. ForzaTune has the drift mode setting (I think rain, drift, and drag) so you get those tunes but there is also this that I can refer to. The QuickTune creator says that his tunes are balanced for multiple scenarios but there are no drift tune options and he doesn’t plan on implementing them.

I’d also like to use this with FH3. I’d think it wouldn’t be a problem. I know these are considered base tunes but I am a beginner with the tuning and need assistance. Also know about online tools like this.

I’v been impressed with Quicktune 7 as it takes just a few inputs and comes up with a tune that far more often than not works well. Its the easy button, if that’s what you want. Forzatune 7 has track options and also some sliders to let you tweak the tune to your preferences. However, I find the results depend on knowing which slide settings work for you. In the previous version (6) I found that setting under/oversteer to 90% and stiffness to 120% nearly always worked for me, but I cant figure out the equivalent in 7. The good news is that both developers seem to respond to reviews on google play, so if you have questions, submit a review.

The online tools - especially DLTuning - are good for showing you how things change when you want more understeer, stiffness, etc., as they reveal to some extent the math behind the tune, but all sites use different algorithms to calc the numbers.

There is no academically correct answer on any site or app that works for all cars. Why? Critical to spring, ARB, and damper set up on real cars is the motion ratio / wheel rate, and also the units for spring rate and damper rate. Note that there is no info on the units used for dampers and motion ratio / wheel rates are a guess at best.

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Delayed thank you for that response. Helpful (I have both now). I am going to try those adjustments with FT7 and you are right QT is the easy button it is quicker. I heard that in one of his videos the developer of FT @Boosted4Ever says that transmission adjustments (most time consuming on FT) are not really necessary unless you are changing the power of the car dramatically (which I tend to not do).

I’ve found myself spending an inordinate amount of time entering values and tuning rather than driving. I still would like to know why in both apps the default for any car is usually to soften ARB and springs. I know FT also normally has a 65/30 differential and brake pressure in QT is always 125% while FT I think is 100%.

I would have liked if your question about the methodologies for baseline had been answered on the other thread I started.

Take care.