#Forzathon Horizon 4 Anniversary | How to perform SLINGSHOT SKILLS

LINK - #Forzathon HORIZON 4 ANNIVERSARY | SLINGSHOT SKILL Forza Horizon 4 Spring Weekly Forzathon Challenge - YouTube

Chapter 1 Challenge The Impossible - McLaren Senna
Chapter 2 Smooth and Sculpted - Slingshot Skill Forza Horizon 4 (Draft Skill followed by Pass Skill)
Chapter 3 Designed To Win - Win 5 road race events
Chapter 4 Terminal Velocity - Hit 208MPH in the Senna

Completing this Forzathon will give you 15% completion towards the spring season in Series 14 of the Festival Playlist. It will also reward you with Forzathon Points to spend at the Forzathon Shop. DON’T FORGET TO DO THE CHAPTERS IN ORDER!
This Forzathon starts October 17TH 2019, and will end October 24TH 2019.

Apollo and McLaren 12C at the Forzathon Shop for the week!

Happy Anniversary Horizon community! I hope you found this video to be helpful or useful! Any questions, just ask! - Stevio2175