#FORZAFUEL - 20 Gamers, One Pro Driver, One Race

I’m downloading the demo but I estimate that at the current progress I may just get a lap in before the comp closes :slight_smile:

I’m not understanding the team thing. OK, top three times per county/region makes sense but what’s the team all about?

I never liked these things because they are only for the best of the best. As an amateur (and I’m okay with being that), it would be nice to see a tiered competition from pro down to amateur just so the people like me who still have fun with the game despite having to use auto transmissions and assists can have a shot at winning something too.

There is a wildcard spot that will be a random pick for each team so you technically have a chance but I understand your feelings on the matter. Good luck.

I am trying to sign up for a team at this address


If I click join a team or sign in to XBox.com the page reloads and does not take me to a new screen to select a team or say I have been automatically assigned to team America. I thought it might have something to do with my Firefox browser. I tried Internet Explorer but got the same results. Has anyone been able to successfully sign up? Any suggestions? I will most likely contact customer support for XBox but, I wanted to see if anyone else had this issue or was able to successfully sign up.

Thanks to the mod that moved this to the appropriate thread. Sorry I missed it. Also, I am logged in because I can see my gamertag avatar in the upper right corner of the screen. The page won’t move past the join a team or sign into Xbox.com page although I am already signed in.

Same here, keeps asking me to sign in even though I already am. Tried signing out but made no difference. Can someone post a Link to the page with actual team selection on?

It’s working now. I just signed up.

I signed up and ran the rival challenge which I think is the Limerock track not Rio correct?

But I also don’t get the point. Is the grand prize just a copy of FM6? I would think the best of the best would get a new Audi or something. Or at least get to drive an R8 around COTA. The GT academy turns the best GT gamers into real racers. That’s at least some incentive to put your time in right?

It’s Limerock

Live from COTA:

Finale livestream at 10am Pacific

Live now: http://www.twitch.tv/xbox

The winner of the 20 racers participating in the ForzaFuel challenge at COTA will go on to race http://www.benoittreluyer.com/bt/en as he races on the track.

Tweet @Xbox with #ForzaFuel for a chance to win prizes today.

Lag is so bad, it’s like watching a slideshow.

Congratulations to Raceboy77!!!
Was awesome watching it on twitch!! Awqesome job Raceboy77! Best of luck tomorrow!
Great job to all the drivers that participated, great racing!


Congratulations Raceboy77, well done.


Raceboy77 is the points winner of the Forza Fuel final and races against Benoit Treluyer tomorrow


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Congrats to Raceboy77.

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Still haven’t the faintest clue what RB won … anyone?

There were three races with points awarded to the individual drivers based on finishing position (20 points for 1st, 19 points for 2nd…). Raceboy won the first race, came in third(?)place the second race, and second place in the third race, which gave him the points to win the individual title. (I think France won the country title as a team?) By winning on points, Raceboy got a trophy and earned the opportunity to race against a real professional driver tomorrow.

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