Forza X hoonigan event

In forza there hasn’t been any new hoonigan cars in a while so i think we could do a new festival playlist featuring hoonigan there are 5 cars I have in mind. They are the Hoonigan indy truck, the hoonipigasus, the audi s1 hoonitron, the hoonigan family huckster and the hoonigan Chevrolet Big Block 632 Camaro.

I’ll pass on this. Hoonigan’s a ghost of a shell that it once was after Block passed away.

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Agreed, i mean… I do play Motorfest, and we had this in Season 2, which it was from February to May?

The 632 Big Block and the Hoonitron are perhaps the most interesting cars though

I’ll even pay 10$ for these 5 cars if they don’t wanna give these for free!! I’m just sick of the last two months of production car embarrassments!!!