Forza Veteran Tier 12 Badge has gone missing after November 3rd Update

“In addition, players who meet Tier 12 requirements in Forza Rewards will now receive the Tier 12 badge.”

I don’t see it in the game anymore, locked or unlocked.


You’ve rebooted your equipment?


They must have deleted it because it was impossible to get to before starting fm7

I don’t think so - they actually said in the patch notes they had fixed it so it would unlock. I think this is another unintended bug that will be fixed in the future.

Well it was impossible to be tier 12 before starting fm7
So have they fixed it to unlock when we reach tier 12 now…

Except they didn’t and every tier 12 player is still left without the badge despite what the patch notes say. That, or in some roundabout way, only applies to people who hit tier 12 after this update while leaving everyone who hit 12 well before this patch out in the cold until they patch it yet again.

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From the picture above I appear to have not got 11!!! Help someone at FHQ.

My game shows the same, no tier 12 badge unlocked or a space for it anymore.

I’m also missing my additional 75,000 reward credits for last week and this week.


Same. 2 Weeks of T12 but still I get only 425k…

Also, no T12 badge to be found ingame.

Spot for tier 12 is gone from mine too. I though maybe I’d have badge 7&8 now, I was thinking those should unlock as we progress, but I’m still only at 6, as I was when I started the game.