Forza Servers

Is there a fix due for servers in previous games FH, FH2 and others. Rivals, marketplace constant server unavailable! or are being left to rot in the state they are in?

Probably best to ask in the appropriate sub-sections.

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FH1 was made end of life at least 12 months ago now and servers were closed at that time too

If you are talking about fh2 on the 360 support was dropped not long after release anyways since it was released by a different company sumo games …did it even have online on the 360

Fh2 on the xbone should be still going without issues unless thats been dropped recently…last i checked i had no issues with playing online and that was less than a month ago

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I’ve been playing FH2 with no server issues… (sure, now that I said that I’ll have all sorts of problems)

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