Forza Rewards - Forza Horizon DLC Question

Hi all. So my question is about the PAID DLC Forza Reward for Forza Horizon. I have all the DLC for the game through the Season Pass: monthly car packs, Rally Pack, etc. However, in Forza Rewards I only show as having purchased 3 of 5 of the DLC towards that reward. Can someone confirm for me the 5 DLC that count toward this reward, and what needs to be done to trigger them being credited in Forza Rewards? Do I have to buy a car from the car packs? Do I have to start the Rally pack? Just looking for a little help here. Thanks.

I have the exact same problem for Forza horizon. Did it ever update for you?

My paid DLC category for Horizon is at 2/5 when it should be 5/5 with the season pass bought and everything downloaded. In FM5 my driver level hasn’t updated from 88/100 in more than 2 months either