Forza needs to do something for video/film creators

As it stands now, Drone mode was a huge addition to Horizon 3 and greatly increased our capability to create cinematic films and explore. Now, I think Forza needs to go a step further. They’ve already announced that photo mode can be accessed in online mode which is another welcome addition, but I think they can make it better with a few things to cater the more advanced photo/videographers

  1. Allowing photo-editing adjustments to focus, and aperture to remain engaged even while the camera moves. Right now, if you set your focus and aperture, when you move, the editor eliminates the bokeh effect. Making these adjustments consistent even while in motion allows for more cinematic dolly effects and pans that mimic real life cameras, complete with a shallower depth of field.

  2. Creating a video editor out of the photo-editing interface for use on replays. Once again, being able to adjust zoom, aperture, and focus for an actual section of a race replay would be phenomenal because it allows for more a cinematic effect that mimic the way real life cameras take videos. The current drone mode doesn’t have an adjustable depth of field, focus, or zoom/field of view making it great for exploration but mediocre for filmmaking. Speaking of the drone…

  3. If they can’t do any of these (which they probably won’t), make the drone less drone-y. If the drone “experience” is something they want to preserve, at least have a setting that opts for more of a “spectator-mode” type perspective as opposed to a buzzing, wobbly drone. The controls are too sensitive and it makes dolly-style motion quite too sharp and unsettling. It sways like a pendulum as well. Steady mode is only a thing when you’re standing still and you can’t even get rid of the sound of drone as it kinda drowns out the sounds of the cars.

I’m aware that there are other important things to tend to, like the fact that nobody is ever truly satisfied with the game and demanding more, but that’s only because we hold Playground and Turn 10 to a higher stand since they’ve shown that they’re very capable of releasing amazing games. No h8 pls, just trying to express an opinion. I think that having access to something similar to the cinematic tools that Forza developers have available to them when they make the trailers could literally sell the game for them. Free, high-quality advertisement. I know our community could make movies that rival even the cinematic trailers that Forza itself releases, we just need to the right tools to do it.


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