Forza motorsport 7 livery contest - liverycomp66 (always note new rules and prize!)

Welcome to the Forza Motorsport 7 monthly livery contest!

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This thread will close on the morning of December 27, 2019 and judging will begin. No other entries will be taken after judging begins. If you do not put the proper description in game when you upload your liveries/photos, they will not be seen and therefore not be entered into the contest.

All submissions will be judged by members of Turn 10 Studios & Playground Games. Liveries will be judged anonymously so that voters do not know which liveries belong to which players, making the judging as fair as possible. The top 10 liveries from each category are chosen as winners.

Rules of the Contest
• You may enter in both the “Race” and “Fantasy” category, but you must do so in separate posts
• All submissions must adhere to the Xbox Live Code of Conduct -
• Cigarette and alcohol liveries cannot win or be featured
• All submissions must be your work. Posting someone else’s work or re-entering liveries that previously won is not allowed and may result in removal from the contest as well as potential enforcement action against your account
• Entrants can enter both in both Race and Fantasy categories, but the submissions must be in different posts and have the proper descriptions
• All liveries must be shared in Forza Motorsport 7
• You may post up to 3 photos of your livery, if you do not wish to post them in the forums, you can simply provide the description names of you in-game photos for us to use, but photos ARE required!
• You may enter each contest, even if you won the previous round
• One entry per category, per person, per month
• Previous winning liveries will not be accepted

Submission Instructions
• You must share your paint in-game to have it featured
• You NO LONGER need to title/describe your paint in-game as Fantasy or Race, simply list the exact, full description name in your entry!
•When posting here you must include your Gamertag, the car you made the livery for, the file name of your paint, whether you want your paint judged as a fantasy or race paint, and up to 3 photos of your entered livery, example:

Gamertag: Co Pilot
Car: 2009 Ford Focus RS
Description name: Forza Paint 123
Paint type: Fantasy
Prize Car Request:
1-3 livery photos

• 2,000,000 credits
• Player’s choice of any car that is NOT a DLC or Car Pass car (If you are unsure about a car’s eligibility check out!)
• Potential use in the weekly “Week In Review” publications on
• Potential use/feature in official Forza Streams on Redirecting... & Twitch
• You photo featured in-game for 7 days, and posted on all official Forza social media channels
Forza Motorsport…orzamotorsportofficial/

Good luck!

GT : hell factor
Car : 2016 #17 Rotek Racing TT RS
Description name : GT2 Tribute Red
Paint type : Race
Prize : nothing

Gamertag: SlowMotionFire
Car: 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500
Description name: 7-Eleven
Paint type: Race
Prize Car Request: Surprise me

GamerTag: Berkast janer
Car: Ferrari FXX 2014
TYPE: Race

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Gamertag: Bart Ziemski
Car: 1991 Mazda #55 Mazda 787B
Description name: Marmite
Paint type: Racing
Prize Car Request: Dodge Viper FE

This contest is now closed for voting. Than you for all your entries. Good luck to everyone.

Please take note photo and livery comps for both FH4 and FM7 are on hold for January.