Forza Motorsport 7 Livery Contest – Liverycomp56 (ALWAYS NOTE NEW RULES AND PRIZES!)

Welcome to the Forza Motorsport 7 Bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) livery contest! New contest will be posted and the previous one closed every other Wednesday, with winners announced, prizes gifted, and content featured on every other Friday.

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This thread will close on the morning of February 20th, 2019 and judging will begin. No other entries will be taken after judging begins. If you do not put the proper description in game when you upload your liveries/photos, they will not be seen and therefore not be entered into the contest.

All submissions will be judged by members of Turn 10 Studios & Playground Games. Liveries will be judged anonymously so that voters do not know which liveries belong to which players, making the judging as fair as possible. The top 10 liveries from each category are chosen as winners.

Rules of the Contest
• You may enter in both the “Race” and “Fantasy” category, but you must do so in separate posts
• All submissions must adhere to the Xbox Live Code of Conduct -
• Cigarette and alcohol liveries cannot win or be featured
• All submissions must be your work. Posting someone else’s work or re-entering liveries that previously won is not allowed and may result in removal from the contest as well as potential enforcement action against your account
• Entrants can enter both in both Race and Fantasy categories, but the submissions must be in different posts and have the proper descriptions
• All liveries must be shared in Forza Motorsport 7
• You may post up to 3 photos of your livery, if you do not wish to post them in the forums, you can simply provide the file names of you in-game photos for us to use, but photos ARE required!
• You may enter each contest, even if you won the previous round
• One entry per category, per person, per bi-week
• Previous winning liveries will not be accepted

Submission Instructions
• You must share your paint in-game to have it featured
You NO LONGER need to title/describe your paint in-game as Fantasy or Race, simply list the exact, full file name in your entry!
•When posting here you must include your Gamertag, the car you made the livery for, the file name of your paint, whether you want your paint judged as a fantasy or race paint, and up to 3 photos of your entered livery, example:

Gamertag: Co Pilot
Car: 2009 Ford Focus RS
File name: Forza Paint 123
Paint type: Fantasy
Prize Car Request:
1-3 livery photos

• 2,000,000 credits
• Player’s choice of any car that is NOT a DLC or Car Pass car (If you are unsure about a car’s eligibility, message me here on the forums or check out!)
• Potential use in the weekly “Week In Review” publications on
• Potential use/feature in official Forza Streams on Redirecting... & Twitch
• You photo featured in-game for 7 days, and posted on all official Forza social media channels
Forza Motorsport

Good luck!

Noble m600
Bilstein race56 ptg
Race entry
Prize -


Gamertag: Hindz1
Car: 2018 BMW M8 GTE
File name: Fanatec
Paint type: Race
Prize Car Request: Ford fiesta Forza Edition

GT: ViperousRhyme84
Car: 1983 GMC Vandura G-1500
Description: Hammer out a Rainbow
Type: Fantasy Paint
Prize: 1976 Lotus #5 Team Lotus 77

Car: 2017 Porsche #92 Porsche GT Team 911 RSR
Paint. Race
Filename: #9 Daytona 24h
Reward Car: TVR Speed 12



GT : hell factor
Voiture : 1975 Lancia Stratos HF Groupe 4
Nom du fichier : Pirelli Replica
Catégorie : Race paint

Gamertag: SlowMotionFire
Car: 2017 Chevrolet Camaroo ZL1
File name: MMC Pace Car
Paint type: Race
Prize Car Request: Surprise Me

GT: FACR red bantha
Car: 2013 Subaru BRZ
Description: Etr Race56
Style: race
Potential Car Prize: Charger FE '69

Gamertag: Marv Becks
Car: 2017 Mercedes Benz #33 Mac Tools Ciceley Motorsports A-Class (A45)
File name: Liqui Moly A45
Paint Type: race
Prize Car Request: Ferrari F40C

Gamertag: ViewedBear303
Car: 1989 Mercedes-Benz #63 Sauber-Mercedes C 9
File name: HLC #8 Bern Alps
Paint type: Race
Prize Car Request: 2003 Porsche Carrera GT

GAMERTAG: RaceCarPainter
CAR: (2015) Lamborghini #63 Squadra Corse Huracán LP620-2 Super Trofeo
LIVERY NAME: GRT Daytona 24h
DESCRIPTION: RCP Grasser Imsa Winner Ineichen Bortolotti Breukers Engelhart
PRIZE: Mini JCW '12 FE

GRT Daytona 24h
by Carsten Winkler, auf Flickr

GRT Daytona 24h
by Carsten Winkler, auf Flickr

GRT Daytona 24h
by Carsten Winkler, auf Flickr


GT: IxXxGooNxXxI
Car: 2017 Renault R.S.17
Paint: Race
Filename: 2019 Red Bull

GT: IxXxGooNxXxI
Car: 2017 Renault R.S.17
Paint: Fantasy
Filename: 2019 Mercedes

Gamertag: ETR MrMaGiK86
Car: 2013 Mazda Mx5 Cup
File name: ETR 7
Paint type: Race
Prize Car Request: 1991 BMW M3 Forza Edition

Gamertag: UPRPRC Erina
Car: BMW M5 2012
File name: Team Forza
Paint type: Fantasy
Prize Car Request: TVR Speed 12

Note: Rear of this paint will be offset if you don’t set Car model quality to Ultra or playing on Xbox One, because Forza has weird glitch that sharing different paint zone between graphic settings. (In Paint mode or garage, it shows Ultra setting car model no matter which graphic setting you use. but it shows car model that you set in Circuit.)
But don’t worry, I’ve uploaded the version for who’s playing on Xbox one and people who sets Car model quality High or below. which you can found by Team Forza L. (It looks weird in Garage or Paint. but it works properly while in Circuit. so, don’t worry!)

And this is an Original Team Forza BMW M5 2012 from Forza Horizon 2 …in case you don’t know about an original.

GT: OKC Radar Bob
Car: 2016 Ford #66 Ford Racing GT Le Mans
File Name: #67imsa50th_2019
Description: #67 Ford-Chip Ganassi Racing/Castrol - IMSA 5oth Aniv. 2019
Type: Type: Race Replica
Prize Car: none


Concept Livery Duplicate:


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Closing for voting!

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