Forza Motorsport 7 keeps crashing

Hi, Motorsport 7 keeps freezing in the career menu and free play, and after a few seconds it closes the game. Does anyone know how to fix it because this game is unplayable right now. I’m playing on a Xbox One S

When was the last time you properly restarted your console…including pulling the power cable out

Hey! I’m having the same issue. I just downloaded Forza 7 and everytime I tried picking a car in My Career (Ford Focus 2017), the game would just crash after “Buffering” to load the car, not before trying to load for more than 5 minutes.

Tried hard ressetting. Plugging out the power cord and then disconnecting the Wi Fi and still having the same Issue.


I could do the 3 tutorial races but it still crashed when trying to pick car in My Career and Free Play

I tried it today but it doesnt work, and it only happens to motorsport 7 any other games doesnt have any problem

I downloaded forza 7 yesterday and started the forza cup this morning, I did the first 2 opening races but the 3rd on Suzuka doesn’t load. I just get a black screen with music playing and the loading icon in the bottom right corner and that’s it. Anyone else had this happen and any suggestions. I play on Xbox 1 s

Try the game in Offline mode and see if it happens I have the Xbox One S and am having no problems so it may be corrupt save file or internet is playing up. If dodgy save file you will Need to Delete your save and Re sync the game with the cloud save.

I’m having the same problem as TheEdy28, however the game always (except for one time) freezes before I even get to the loading screen. I’ve tried to remove the local save files and gone offline from my Wi-Fi. That allows me to run the first two races but the same procedure happens when loading the third.

So what do I do? I’m on an updated Xbox One where all other games work fine, even FH3. Digital download FM7.

EDIT: Oh and I have tried to both properly reboot and leave the plug out for a few minutes.

Similar problem here wth the console freezing I’m on the One X. It happens often. Other games play ok. Just started playing this week. I also have a couple tracks that black out in the middle of a race and can only continue right behind other cars to see where I’m going.

Getting the same problem. Digital download on Xbox One. Managed to get through the first championship on the first career but since then every time I try to load the game, as soon as it gets to the main menu the whole game freezes and closes the game down. Tried unplugging and deleted my save data multiple times which allows me to re-do the tutorial.

EDIT: Still happens after update on 2nd October

I just bought xbox game pass because it included forza 7 forza horizon 3 for free, but unfortunately the game crashes when I want to try the cup or single player, what’s curious I can play rivals without a hitch

I tried almost everything ( I’m not going to download 100gb again so no uninstall) and no fix

The game looks gorgeous but unplayable please fix it.

In the mean time i will keep playing forza horizon 4

I had the same issue, and managed to fix it: moved the game from the External drive to the Internal one, and after that it worked again, and could continue with my career. Hope that helps.

FM7 keeps crashing for many reasons other than what the OP experiences.

My main issue (and many others with me, judging by the reaction when I mention my issues on Twitter and Facebook) is when I work in the vinyl editor and often in the livery editor. It’s gone so far that I almost exclusively design my vinyls in FM6 and import them into FM7. The few times when I make the mistake and forget that I shouldn’t create new vinyl groups in FM7, I almost 100% of the time get punished by having the game crash on me the first time I try to save the vinyl I’ve worked on.

I have the original Xbox One, connect over Wifi, and yes, I regularly do hard reboots and all those things.

Apparently the recent system update for the Xbox fixed the crashes so far I’ve raced for an hour

The game crashing has multiple causes. I’m glad to hear that at least one was solved. :slight_smile: I had never experienced that cause for a crash myself.

I encountered the same bug making the game crash (music in background, spinning wheel, black screen).
I play on Xbox One X w/o Live w/internet connection - for now single player campaign only.

The first time the game crashed for me was at trucks race in Breakers, Road America circuit. Right now I don’t remember whether that was before loading up a circuit, ar after.
I had to restart the game (start another game then switch back to FM7 to load it from scratch). I was able to either come back to the same stage (crash) or switch to different race (i.e. SUVs).
When I switched to another race in campaign, all went normal. I just left the trucks (tried to do it twice, but reaching the Road America circuit stage always ended up with crash), and did SUVs.
The last race takes place on… Road America. This time it let me finish the race, get CRs, The Breakers cup (1st place) and points, and on last screen again a total freeze.
After another game restart I can see that my progress from last race wasn’t properly saved and I have to do the last race again - which is impossible due to crashes.

So any race, any scenario - Road America crashes the game for me before the race or after the race. I can see others having the same problem for months, and no system updates or game updates seem to be solving this. I’m around 5% into the game and it doesn’t work… I’m speachless…


Adding my hat into the mix here.

I’ve experienced about a 6 game crashes since purchasing and installing a week ago.

The game will freeze on a particular frame or screen and the sound gives the ‘standard’ lockup effect of blipping over the last few microseconds in an annoying fashion. Additionally, the freezing happens both while in a race and on menu. I believe the only menu crashes I’ve experienced are while waiting for a multiplayer game to load/start/transition from intermission.

After the lock-up I am returned to the xbox main screen/home screen.

I’ve completed powered off (unplugged) my xbox twice in the last week

Only a week in, wait until you get the ‘load failed - unknown error’!