Forza Motorsport 7 Day 1 Plans

I will race for hours and explore the new tracks. Can’t wait until the Garage weeks.

Well, unfortunately (depending on my work schedule), i won’t be able to play until the evening or night on the 29th (depends on install time); Though I will be picking up my ultimate edition copy at GameStop during my lunch break. But once the install is done, I’ll be spending majority of time importing my liveries and vinyl groups over, along with checking the designs over for any misaligned vinyls (happened in past titles).

I’ll be spending the first 4 days killing time until I can pick up my new wheel on the 4th. I want to hold off until I get it but I know I won’t be able to.

Waiting for Forza Horizon 4 news

Pre ordered Ultimate but a big piece of my excitement comes from 4k HDR gaming which of course won’t arrive until November with the Xbox One X. While there is no way I will wait that long to play the game, I do plan to be a bit more vigilant with my game play until then :).

Forza all nighter with the BOOIIIZZ!!! Hopefully going to buy a 55"+ 4K TV (preferably curved), the One X and right now I’m in the middle of designing a custom Rim for my TX out of aluminium or carbon fibre and I’m also trying to get a custom shifter and pedals. Going to get the early access version so I can get that early access goodness and then I’m going to try and raise my rig off the ground… lotta plans! Can’t wait!

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Forza game release date, for me its a little bit like Christmas
So I do things accordingly: Shut down shop, unhook telephone, notify firends, relatives and wife not to bug me unless the house is on fire.

custom wheel for tx?
I’d sure like to learn more about this, when of course you are ready. good luck on your build!

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Thank ya thank ya!!! Going to buy all the electronics separately and pre-built if I can but the shell of the wheel I’m going to try to design myself…

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Boss,“we have 12000 orders that need to go out and you want the day off to play Forza”? Me “yes” boss “sounds legit to me,ok”.

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just ship them now and be done with it. lol


With how little information we currently have I’m certainly not hyped enough to book time off for it at this point.


i have learned to wait a few days before scheduling time off. to give them time to fix small issues.
so i will take the 1st of october off to play…

I pre ordered the ultimate edition I’ll be playing on Sept 29th all night can’t wait till then I’ll be playing forza 6

To be honest I haven’t bothered with day one stuff since FM5 day one which I strategically booked off as it was day one for the new console and game. Since then not so bothered about days off to play anymore. FH2, FM6 and FH3 I all missed day one of, in fact I bought them all a week or so after release (I did buy the FM XB1 console though). Love the games, love the franchise but I dunno about day ones being booked off anymore tbh.

My day one plans are going to be big. I’m probably going to kick-start career, import some liveries, import some tunes, and do a lot of free play to reach the highest levels. I’m probably be playing on the 29th midday and I pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition digital. I will also get plenty of loyalty rewards.

No said plans this far out (7/11) with F1 2017 out on 8/25 stacked with historic F1 cars to include Senna’s 1988 McLaren MP4/4 (wow to drive that car on Monaco - wow!) . I’m looking forward to driving the new F1 2017 cars in that game now than forward looking to FM7. But in answer to your question. I plan to drive the F1 2017 on Long Beach as my first event, then on Suzuka International as it’s owned by Honda and I’m a Honda fan for sure.

So if it is released at Midnight on the 29 that will make it 5pm for me on the 29 so will be playing till about 2 am or something like that.

You sound like you are in a similar time zone to me
I’ll be playing from about the same time till maybe 7 or longer if the wife lets me :blush::blush::blush:
Think i have the Friday off due to afl grand final parade in Melbourne…if it’s that weekend
And then all weekend

Yeppers QLD And no wife no more and all the Kids are all growed up and gone there own merry :grin::sweat_smile: way so just me and Im a night owl, for some reasons chicks just dont dig a night owl. But that was bound to happen as I spent over 25 years working nights only. So not much of a day time person.

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I’ll be getting the Ultimate Edition and I’ve spoken to my boss and he says that I can have as much time off as I like.
Seeing as my boss is also me, being self-employed does have it’s advantages when you need them. :wink:

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