Forza Motorsport 6 not updating points for tiers

Hello, everyone.

Today I would like to ask the community about my Forza tiers.

I just got Forza Motorsport 6 about 2 days ago with the limited bundle.

I have started playing the game, and have received my loyalty rewards.

The only problem is that i do not see my Forza score increasing at all.

Should I wait longer or what?

Thanks again.

Having looked at the post on ( this was the most recent post at the time of writing on the topic as this is all nearer the end of the post) seems there is a problem with the rewards updating.

I Played loads of forza 5 just before FM 6 came out to try and get nearer to my next teir. but none of them have updated either nor Fo my fm 6 play either.

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