Forza Hub Achievements


I’m a bit late to Forza party, 15 years so to say.
Horizon 3 is the first Forza I played from the whole series.
Lets say I get an Xbox360 today. Is it still possible to get all the achievements listed on Forza Hub?
I enjoyed the game, I want to see what I missed but also get achievements as I go through the old series.


If you go to you can see any xbox game and can check for any achievements that are no longer obtainable.

Forza Motorsport series:
At the moment there’s just one unobtainable achievement. It’s the auction house achievement in Forza Motorsport 2. And it will not come back.
For Forza 3 and Forza 4 there are the auction house and storefront achievements that will not work when the server is down. But the servers come and go, so not really an issue. Just try next week if it’s not working.

Forza Horizon series:
The first Forza Horizon was delisted, so you can only play (actually buy, you can play any game if a console has it) using a retail disc.
The DLC were also delisted of course and they have achievements. So if you can’t find a retail code for the DLC, it will not be possible to obtain by yourself. I’m not even sure if they were released in code version to be honest.
But you can always play in a friend’s house, so they are not “impossible” to obtain.

For Forza Rewards available at this website, you cannot obtain the points related to tokens for FM4 and FH, because it’s not possible to buy tokens anymore.

There are some achievements that will need a previous save file under your gamertag possession, also a kinect achievement for FM4 only. Also a hard to obtain achievement for Unicorn Cars. But they are all still obtainable. Some will not be cheap.

That’s all for now I believe, it’s time to start worrying about FM5 and FH2!

What about Paid DLC Owned for Forza Motorsport 4. Isn’t that un-achievable at this point?

Porsche pack is still available to buy in retail and it will trigger the Paid DLC Owned milestone (source: my own experience).

edit: OK, I can’t actually back my statement 100%, because I had some preorder bonus cars that had filled the meter to some extent, before I added the Porsche pack last week. In other words, I’m not 100% sure, if the Porsche pack alone will give you 5/5 Paid DLC Owned.

Where were you able to find the Porsche DLC? I’m not having much luck.

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