Forza Horizon Community

Has anyone read or learned anything about this?

The Forza Horizon community is reviving Ranked Play with own project (

This is not anything new in all honesty. The Ranked game modes themselves have been removed. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a “competitive scene”. Below are the Forza’s Community Discord Servers in the Racing Scene. These are not official servers but led by community leaders of the franchise. Thought I would share these here in case there is anyone in the competitive scene. These are also shared on the Official Forza Discord under #community-servers.

Delta Online Racing (DOR)

Forza Team Wars (Mentioned in the Article)


Horizon Racing Academy

Late Night Racing

MEA (Link needs updated)

Pitstop UK


Racing Haven

The eMotorsport Championship

The Online Racing Association (TORA)

Hopefully this helps keep competitive players on their feet. :smiley: I hope i setup all the links to permanent links :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

Do they have FH clubs? I’m trying to find a club that has regular rivals events. A club seems like an ideal entity because it has private leaderboards.


Thank you very much! I do know about the rivals thread and I do join in. I always forget the race event by the time I start playing Forza even though its only about 15 minutes after I read the forums :). Also, I need better tunes to compete. I tried searching for the tuners they mention, but I can’t find them. (like powderpuff… something :slight_smile: )

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You can always ask. Maybe they would be kind enough to check what was the sharecode or write the name exactly like in the game :wink:

Also I think people in that thread - Forza Motorsport / Horizon 5 Rivals Racing Challenges - are running club. No idea if there is any requirement to join the club.



@ziperrPL there are no requirements to join. Everyone is welcome!