Forza horizon 5 servers down

When loading into a session it comes up with no session available In this region return to freeroam to accept meaning servers are down in my region

Такая же ситуация , выкинуло из онлайна , и серверы не работают

Плюсую, тоже в сеть не заходит, просто кикает в одиночную и всё

Around here, it’s been like several hours in which the message “no compatible multiplayer servers for forza horizon 5 have been found”

I can confirm i’m also getting this error message. checked account settings all correct.

@Kruleworld2980 @Radianthunder is this still an issue after installing recent FH5 updates?

I didn’t even remember this, I’ve been playing normally which is a good sign. Thanks.

Some crashes sporadically but it’s not a server thing…