Forza Horizon 4 Wishlist

So, we need one of these, So the Devs know what cars we want in Horizon 4 besides from some V12 Supercars that no-one cares about. Besides From those cars From the Trailer (The macleren, the buggy Etc) and the cars from FH3.
Things it would Benifit From is a
V12 Debuff, (So no Dodge Darts destroying the drag strip with the most Dirtiest Tunes),
Direct Engine Swaps (Like Getting a RB From a Skyline and Putting it in a S2000)
Different Engine Swaps. (Like a SR20, V6, Twin/Triple Rotary And more)
More Grip For tires So Wheelies OFF THE LINE
Different Super Charger models, So that short Stubby Default one can be changed to a Massive 4 Intake, Or Just a Regular Bug catcher)
More Body kits besides from Liberty Walk And Rocket Bunny. We Could have Veilside or Vader as well

Helps if you go to the Horizon 4 forum
There’s already a wishlist there