Forza Horizon 3 Livery Contests - 56

Welcome to the Forza Horizon 3 Livery Contest!

*Please read the rules. Please note that this contest is now Monthly.

Forza Horizon 3 uses curated content as the means by which paints are shown to players when they choose to apply a new paint to their car when using the “Find New Designs” tile, or when they purchase a new car from the Autoshow. The best way to get recognized in the community is to participate in our contests. Winners of the livery contests will be Featured Items which means that the paint will be shown to a much wider player audience which will hopefully boost your downloads and uses and thus, payouts from the paint. (If the paint is yours or you already own the paint, you will not see your own paint displayed to yourself.)

Please make sure your post follows the Rules of the Contest.

o There are no placements for Winners. All paints selected will be considered winners and be given the stated prize as well as be featured. If you get featured, you are a considered a winner. The number of winners will depend on what gets entered, how many cars we want to feature, how many entries there are, and the quality of work. We are not going to specify a specific number of cars we are going to choose.
o All winners will be gifted the stated prize that is predetermined by us.

500,000 credits

Cars Eligible to use to display your paints:
Any in game car is eligible.

Rules of the Contest
o The design must belong to you and be your creation. Posting someone else’s work is not allowed!

o Entrants can enter both Race and Fantasy but the submissions must be in different posts and you must put the proper description in game. (One entry per category per person per week, please.)

o Please keep entries to one per category per week.

o We suggest that if your design has won in a previous contest, you do not re-enter the same design again unless new elements have been added to actually change the design or give it a new look.

o When posting here include your Gamer Tag, the car you painted your design on, the file name of your paint, and whether you want your paint judged as a fantasy or race paint.

o Entry Post Example:
Forza Player GT
2009 Ford Focus RS
Forza Paint 123
Fantasy Paint

o You do have to post your entry in this thread.

o You should “Share” your paint IN GAME if you want your winning item featured. You must put “Fantasy56” or “Race56” in the description of your livery when you share your design. (All one word for the description). Adding the description to your shared entry helps us find your entry so it can be featured, if you wish your winning entry to be featured. It also helps others find your entry if you want more downloads. When you press “share” on your design, the description goes in the section marked “description”. You will need to type it in.

o To qualify for entry into the weekly contest, you need to post your paint photos in this thread. You may post up to 3 photos of your paint. You must now enter your livery in this thread. (Most of you already do this, it is now mandatory.) If the livery is not in this thread, it will not be considered as part of the livery contest.

o This thread will be closed the morning of March 29, 2018 and judging will begin. Please have your entries in by this time. This is not a discussion thread. Entry Submissions only please.

Key words which MUST BE INCLUDED (Description Words):


fantasy56DougTheOutLaw 1997 Lexus sc300 forza paint 3/8/18 fantasy56 https//

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PTG Stuzib85
2005 TVR Sagaris
Sea of Thieves 1

6059545b-9e7e-40fc-9e16-bce79da2b914 by stuzib85, on Flickr

89590391-6157-4bc2-a104-a516480d1457 by stuzib85, on Flickr

6fd36a06-3a5a-496e-bb6b-c4b79369766c by stuzib85, on Flickr


This is the SP Motorsports Salzburg GT4 Martini livery.

Gamertag: RallyzX360
Car: 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4
File Name: SPM Martini
Category: Race

2018-03-12 17.48.20
by Rallyz, on Flickr

2018-03-12 17.48.14
by Rallyz, on Flickr


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[Mod Edit - profanity in text, images, and liveries is prohibited - MM]

I didn’t notice the rules for posts, It was my fault. I’m so sorry for that.

Gamertag: ZeroZeroSvn
Car: BMW M3 2005
Paint Name: Drift Team
Category: Race

BMW M3 Rod-Nik by Gustavo Carvalho, on Flickr

BMW M3 Rod-Nik by Gustavo Carvalho, on Flickr

BMW M3 Rod-Nik by Gustavo Carvalho, on Flickr

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Nissan 350Z
Diamond Z


CYBER 2000
22-03-2018_11-44-13_AM by Nigzy Day, on Flickr
22-03-2018_11-46-07_AM by Nigzy Day, on Flickr
22-03-2018_11-41-22_AM by Nigzy Day, on Flickr

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1993 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec
HKS GTR Race56
Race Paint

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GT: ZeroZeroSvn
Car: Nissan GTR 2017
File Name: Godzilla
Category: Fantasy

Nissan GTR R35 2017 Godzilla by Gustavo Carvalho, on Flickr

Nissan GTR R35 2017 Godzilla by Gustavo Carvalho, on Flickr

Nissan GTR R35 2017 Godzilla by Gustavo Carvalho, on Flickr

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Thank you for the entries, closing this up now for judging.