Forza Horizon 2 To Club XP?

Right… Been playing Forza Horizon 2 I’m in a club and I’m trying to raise up the board in my club… But the XP Im earning doesnt seem to be added to my weekly Club score. The only xp thats been added are from races but not from free roam skill… is the right or ?

How does this system work… ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, all XP earned from racing on or offline, as well as rivals get added to your club tier ranking, in our club it reset’s every sunday night

I’m pretty sure that free roam skill XP should count towards your club XP. As it’s Monday tomorrow, you can experiment by getting a small amount of XP when you first get the game and seeing if it does add to the overall XP.

Are you confusing the Skill Points with XP? Skill points (appear in the center of the screen in yellow) do not, however the XP (white figure halfway down on the left of the screen) will - however this is a much smaller number.

Yes, I am speaking of the white figure half way down the screen. I’ve just tested it, I was on 0xp for this week, I did a few drifts in Free Roam mode and it did add to my Club XP after about 5 minutes.