Forza Horizon 2 achievement glitches

hey guys any of you guys have any achievements that arent showing up in your account me im having issues with the ultimate perks achievement its driving me nuts i might never get the stupid set finished because of this glitch even the barn find one never showed up until i found the barn find in horizon 2 storm island will they ever fix this annoying glitch or is it going to be immpossible to complete it

Hi Billy,

If you are talking about the “Stone Cold Skiller” achievement, then yes, other people have also had issues with this, including me. I have managed to rectify the problem by following the steps provided by Varboss.

I like many other was stuck at 98% despite having all the perks . This is what i did to get it to unlock .

  1. Delete your forza save file from console only (this will be backed up in the cloud)
  2. I then disabled internet in settings so my game save wouldnt re sync with the cloud.
  3. Started new game offline and went thru the intro then drove to the airport after it has told you skill points are enabled. Then i reconnected the xbox to internet so i could get achievements.(note your game wont re sync to your save on the cloud as you are in the game and not on the title screen)
    4.I earnt around 4 skill points which took my 98% to 100% and achievement popped .closed game and deleted console save .
    5.Reloaded the game then asked to sync to the cloud and got my progress back with this achievement now popped.

Hope this helps
P.s -it took a little while to re sync just be patient.

I have the same problem, I will try, thank you