Forza Horizon 1 on the xbox 360, when ranked up did not get the spin rewards (Lv50) solved

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Wondering if you could help me.

After like over a year, Ive just ranked up to the second color after yellow , the green level 1 online , well currently now 3 .
re ieved no rewards.

Wondering if theres a way this can be recoverd or sorted. Forza was saying servers are currently unavailable and rewards and records and not active.

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Pretty sure there is no spin wheel in the first Horizon?


There isn’t. Not sure if you meant to say 2, but , there isn’t any spins in 2 for 360. You just get the same credits for every level up.

In one there isn’t any spins

This thread is like …

Yes, he’s talking about Forza Horizon (1).

No, he’s not talking about Horizon 2 on XB360.

Yes, there are level-up rewards in FH1 because he’s talking about the online-level.

No, this thread isn’t in the right sub-forum.

Yes, even the thread title was $#!*, until the edit.

No, usually i’am not willing to answer to threads like this.

Yes, apparently someone didn’t even tried to use the search function of the forum.

Whatever …

Maybe you will find an answer to your question in one of the two existing threads with the word “lottery” inside the sub-forum for Forza Horizon (1).

Good luck ^^

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Glad you know everything there bud. That long winded post could of been much shorter with your answer.

Someone needs to have a happier weekend.

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Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, there has been a few issues with the Forza servers lately, but that is not the reason you don’t get any wheelspins. Yes, we are talking about Forza Horizon 1, on line wristbands, there is wheelspins, the game has on line feature, on Xbox 360, and so on.

But more seriously, there are about twelve wirstbands for the online of Horizon 1, three of them not being on the single player part of the game. When you reach level 50, you go to the next wirtsband, until you reach Gold that is the final one.

You get lottery wheelspins until level 50 of the yellow wirtsband on line, after what it doesn’t come back before Gold 50, the highest you can get. You need 14,156,000 Xp to get there and, to give you an idea, to get to the green wristband, you need about 750,000 Xp. Good luck!

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Hey all

Sorry for late reply.
Thank you very much for your ansers.

great explanations thanks.
Racer4Evr perfect and clear.

Yes I am refering to FH1 , online and I did have the lottery spins stop at level 50 and this must have happened. Hehe, I am now on the green band : )
Someone online once told me this but I forgot and was not sure.

Also as for the 14,156,000 , holy moly. Lol. Coool. I did not know this. : )

Sorry about posting in the wrong part of the forum. I couldent seem to find Horizon 1 and not sure if I even tried the search. And I had a panic.


Have a nice days :slight_smile: