Forza American Racing League

search Forza American Racing League on facebook and READ the pinned post on how to join. you can find the rules for each series there. its gunna be an exciting spring for F.A.R.L!!!

I’m all in on the 80’s mullet cup and V8 super cars.

we are happy to have ya!!! just make sure to read the pinned post on the facebook page. it tells you what you have to do to sign up. we do it yhis way cuz it helps weed out the ppl arnt serious…

less than two weeks away!!!

Can you sign me up please

go to facebook page. or message TANK THE GREAT on xbox.

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seriously… you deleted my other post? you obviously got the power to to EDIT a post. that other post took awhile for me to type up. i get y u did it but you could have deleted two sentences. smh.

If you post within the rules then I wouldnt have to edit anything

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