Forza 7 Storage space

I just purchased the Ultimate Edition of Forza 7, and was wondering how many GB it is. I heard it was a very big game, so I’m kind of nervous about how much memory space it will take up. I have an Xbox One S with 213 GBs left. Just wanted to see how much space it will take before installing. Thanks.

You will be fine I got it and it was 75 GBs with updates So you have plenty of space.

Just make sure you dont download the 4k assets…you would need to enable that in settings anyway
They are only usable on the OneX
Game is only 95gb with those anyway…and it makes hardly a difference whether basic version or ultimate too…only a few mb

AFAIK the game will only prompt you to download the 4k assets if you are on a One X console, so you should be ok to go ahead and install.