Forza 7 crashes immediately after the first window opens when prompting it to start.

Hi there.

I cannot get Forza 7 to start on my pc since I installed the latest windows update. It just opens the first small window when you select the game, then the screen will go blank and then exit back to the previous window with no error message. I have made sure game and driver is up to date. I have set the push service to automatic. I have been on to microsoft multiple times and they are saying it’s not an issue on there part.

Please can someone help or offer some assistance?

Thanks in advance.


I had the same problem as you around the same time frame. I tried all the googled remedies with no success. As a last resort…I remembered also updating to the latest Nividia drivers.

I just did a roll back from the 397.93 to the previous driver 397.64…and today Forza 7 now launches and plays.

That’s how I was able to get mine to finally launch after 7-8 days off trying everything else.

Set screen resolution to 1920x1080p or higher if monitor supports it