Forza 6 Mercury Cougar Stock Car League

Hey there everyone who looks at this. I am currently running a Mercury Cougar Stock Car League. No setups just straight up the best driver who can handle the car at the track wins. It is just for fun and relaxing good racing. It is on Saturday nights at 9:15 pm eastern time. If anyone is interested, or wanting to know more info just reply below on this forum page. We are going onto our second race of 14 race season. Gamertag is SLACKERBOY2014 and the page for the league is Redirecting...

This is the schedule if anyone was wondering. Currently we have about 10 guys that can make it. possibly 12. but I am looking to fill the whole 24 car field.
1.Daytona Day Oval (50 laps)
2.Watkins Glen NASCAR Circuit (40 laps)
3.Homestead Miami Speedway (50 laps)
4.Yas Marina North Circuit NIGHT (36 laps)
5.Sebring Day Full (26 laps)
6.Sonoma NASCAR Circuit (40 laps)
7.Road America (25 laps)
8.Indy Oval (50 laps)
9.Road Atlanta Full (40 laps)
(ALL STAR RACE) 15 laps at Indy Oval, car is being decided on which one to use here.
10.Long Beach Full (38 laps)
11.Nurburgring GP Circuit (25 laps)
12.Circuit De Spa Francorchamps (18 laps)
13. Leguna Seca Full (38 laps)
14.Daytona Night Oval (50 laps)

any driver interested? As long as you’re a clean racer this is an opportunity for you. send me a message on xbox if you are, gamertag is SLACKERBOY2014

I would be, but time does not work for me. I am still at work at that time.

That sucks man. If you have anyone else interested you can let them know. But thanks for the reply

WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR PEOPLE, if you are interested either join the facebook page via the link or contact my gamertag SLACKERBOY2014. Redirecting...