Forza 6 Hub Rewards level not updating

Ditto, and my Rewards on this site is just a spinning circle…

definitely have noticed. noticed first with fast and furious. have full gamerscore, but on forza hub, i don’t.

I’ve made sure Turn 10 are aware of the issue.

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Thanks Hiero. A lot of people seemingly have this problem.

Not so much weeks ago happened the same and the system was stopped around 7-10 days.

Take patience because tha system counts all the progress, nothing is lost and all the progress is saved, is only an update question, one of these days.


Great to see confirmation that it has been brought to Turn 10’s attention. I’ve seen a lot of posts about it and am still effected by it. I think at this point the lack of updating may actually be preventing me from being Tier 9. I’ve spent way too many credits trying to score the back of the pack mod since landing the invisible for a lap mod. LOL. I need more credits now! :slight_smile:

after Day 4, seems to updating nothing now, i dont think it takes days to update, thinking now might be a bug somewhere between game and hub script maybe, its just a guess at this point

I have same problem, I play FM6 every day since 19th and in the Forza HUB I have all Zero, zero miles driven, zeroc cars, and so on :frowning: nothing is updated

also forgot to mention my nat is open and all is running fine at my end, in case blame game starts LOL

Yeah, it is preventing me from begin level 9 as well.
I think mine has stopped working since a week as well.
In the beginning only the gamerpoints did not count anymore, but the rest kept working, but now nothing did change anymore for a long time.

I am also having the same issue, since I got Forza 6 on day of release it’s recorded 1 day and just stopped updating ever since,
Hope they sort this out soon but glad it’s not just mine

The main score now seems correct (as I am level 9 on that one), but the subscore for Forza 6 is still frozen on the same numbers as the last week.
I guess they are trying to fix it. At least I am getting the level 9 rewards now.

It looks like you’re right. I can’t confirm for Forza 6, but my total score is higher than the sum of the parts. Currently finishing Forza 5 and Horizon and their subscores are not updated either.

I’ve still not received any of the rewards from forza hub. Does anybody know when they’ll be rewarded?

Same issues, in my forza rewards update only few things and not completly.

My first 3 days of play are granting me credit in the HUB with the exception of my gamerscore points (still at zero) . It hasn’t updated since.I have unlocked 24 achievements for 315 gamerscore.

A side note: It took 3 days for FM6 to pop the achievements I unlocked during the first 3 days I played.

Some of the stats for Forza 6 moved, but still not everything is there.
My gamerscore hasn’t changed since 1 or 2 days after I got the game (the 10th of October).
Days played hasn’t moved since more then a week as well.

Level and miles driven are not correct either. The rest seems ok now. The total score seem legit as well.

I guess they are getting there.