Forza 4 vinyl groups

So this is quite complicated, please bear with me. I had an Xbox 360 and played forza 4 a lot, made a load of vinyls and designs, but when the Xbox one was released I sold my 360 after resetting it. Anyway, a couple of days I ago I decided I missed forza 4, so bought another 360. I have lost all of my vinyls however, and would really like them back. They’re all on my storefront still, but I cannot buy them cos it’s the same profile and they’re not saved on my game so they’re unavailable; really frustrating. So what I’m wondering is, is there a way to get these vinyls back to my account available for me to use? Thanks guys :slight_smile:

If you want I could buy them from your storefront and then if we are online at the same time I could auction the car with the vinyls attached. maybe that would work. not sure though

There is no way of getting them back. Also, you can’t auction a car with locked vinyls or designs.