Forum polls and popularity

Forum polls are a great feature but they suffer when it comes to popular topics.

Consider the following. Each time someone comments on a thread the thread is bounced to the top. Whereas if someone votes on a poll then the thread doesn’t move.

Most polls in threads are just that, a poll where people need not comment. I think if someone votes on a poll then it should be treated like a comment and the thread should be bounced to the top.

Hey @T10ManteoMax any thoughts?

As someone who uses the All Topics - Latest page to see what I’ve missed, I don’t want polls to constantly reappear near the top just because someone else voted. If you create a poll, you can include an encouragement for the voters to put a comment why they voted like they did. I’m interested to know what people think, but not how many the poll results have changed since the last vote.

Encouraging people to comment isn’t an ideal solution. In saying that I can understand that bouncing polls up like comments may not be ideal either. I just don’t like the current state. I recently created an interesting poll, at least imo, and it has had 20 or so votes so far. But it’s popularity is low due to no need for people to comment since it’s after all a poll…

With the forums being built on commercially available software and not completely built by Forza, I wonder how much control they have to even do what you want. It really depends on the customization options. I know that for the corporate forums used by the NGO I work for, there are features that our staff would like but the developers of the software just haven’t made available.

Rather than treating a vote like a comment, I could see a vote being more like a ‘like’ but even then it is probably easier to get votes than likes so it would give a poll a greater boost over a regular thread. And the Forza team might not even be able to equate votes as likes.