Formula 1 Predictions Thread

I can’t see a reason why they would move away from Catalunya either. And even if they did, there’s a lot of cool tracks in Spain , why does it have to be a street circuit? I’d prefer if they put Algrave (eventhough it’s in Portugal) back on the calender instead.
In my opinion street circuits are limiting to the powers of the modern F1 cars with their amazing levels of downforce, the sharp 90deg corners are no fun compared to a more flowing layout (see T3 - T9 at COTA). And this is coming from a fan of Perez who clearly is great at street circuits.
Looking at the concept you posted, I’m in the middle ground about it, not great but not awful either. The sector by the Madcool festival site looks like a good challenge, but a roundabout in F1 cars? Idk…