Ford Taurus (Gen 2) 1991-1995

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Ford Taurus 2nd Generation 1991-1995

This Topic includes the base Taurus, the Taurus SHO and the Mercury Sable.


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1994 Mercury Sable AIV

Yeah It doesn’t look like much, but this car is rare and not like unpopular that they discontinued it rare. Only 40 were made and 20 were sold to the public. The car was based on the Ford Taurus SHO, but was completly made out of Aluminum the car was 400lbs lighter than its counterpart. It came in 15th at the 1995 One Lap of America. A challenge that consists of street legal cars competing at racetracks in a time attack across the country with many competitors driving 911’s, GTR’s, Corvettes, and even Moslers. So 15th in that is impressive.

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