Ford GT90 1995

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Ford GT90

The American Bugatti EB110/Jaguar XJ220 rival that never was, the GT90 was Ford’s attempt to recature its racing pedigree by making the ultimate road car. Just like the GT40, the GT90 was based on British mechanicals, this time the chassis and transimission from the aforementined XJ220. With a 720 PS quad-turbo V12 engine, there’s a good chance it would have been one of the fastest road-going cars at the time alongside its sibling. The developement got quite far and they even let the legendary Jeremy Clarkson drive it, but sadly, it never went on sale. The GT40 was succeeded, this time with a real production run, by the GT just 10 years later, and the second generation GT in 2016.


Greatest car Ford never took to production. I always thought it was odd that the GT70 (which I like) was in Horizon, but not the GT90.


All hail the GT90! What a car!

The interior is amazing too:



Fantastic interior! Futuristic and somehow retro at the same time.


i grew up with the gt90 during my childhood
it’s one of my all time favorites and i would absolutely love to see it in the forza series
that quad turbo v12 was absolutely insane for its time and it could have beaten the mclaren f1’s top speed


This is the best Ford ever made NO CAP, I wish this car would be in Forza it’s such a machine… and it’s actualy sad that the only GT90 in the world it’s rotting way on a museum… :pensive:


Arguably my favorite car ever


absolutely need this car in a modern game, it’s never been done in next-gen or even current-gen quality…


and I believe it will never be done, because there’s only 1 in the world and I don’t think it’s in good condition to be laser scanned anymore…

When I first looked at the Veyron I thought of it.

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Its in pefectly fine condition


That car is not worthy of being filmed in some TikTok video style. In fact, no car is, but especially this one.

Glad to see she still looks good though!


Oh man thank god they cleaned it, last time I saw a video of it, in a garage, it was starting to get some green stuff on the seats and getting all dirty, this brings me hope for future racing games!! :raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4: Plus this car is the most amazing machine in the entire world :gem:


One of my all time favorit concept cars. Hope it can find it way into Forza. Considering they have so many Fords ingame.


We need this car ASAP. this one is a legend. I don’t know why they did not include it yet into the game.


Because it’s concept Forza don’t really like to add the concepts but also the 1997 Need Ford Speed 2 SE on Playstation 1 or PC got the car easy 240 mph.

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I feel like if they ever add this car that it may be one of the vehicles that can hit speeds comparable to the jesko and venom f5


Yes its fast Need For Speed was top Speed was i think 250 mph could be 245 as fast as the McLaren F1 but been awhile for me.

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It’s resurfaced. So it still exists. Just have no idea who has custody of it.