Ford GT40 Mk III 1966-1969

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Ford GT40 Mk III 1966-1969

Ford has released two road cars inspired by its most legendary race cars, the GT40, but back in the 60s, 7 road-going GT40s were also built. Using the 4,7-liter V8 from the MkI and Mustang, the road cars had 310 PS. The model wasn’t a success, as potential customers preferred to acquire a road-converted MkI instead, of which 31 were built. However, like the several different Porsche 956/962 road cars, any variant of the GT40 you can drive to the shops is incredible.


1967 Ford GT40 Mk III


Wold like them to add it but they will just add it and do nothing good to it as they did with the Lambo and the BMW X6 they added them and nothing else no fast upgrades no body kits nothing