Ford falcon

What is the closest car to the Australian ford falcon

I suppose the Mustang would be. It’s a RWD Ford V8 pony car, so it’s similar at least.

Wouldn’t the Camaro also work - it’s a RWD V8 Pony car :stuck_out_tongue:

No, in all honesty probably the King Cobra would come the closest.

Yes. King Cobra IS a Mustang :slight_smile:

Good call though, of all Mustangs, the King Cobra is probably closest to the Falcon. Maybe the Foxbody.

I know the King Cobra is a Mustang but there’s a handful in the game. I was being more specific. I was just under the assumption that the OP meant the Falcon from the previous Forza titles and not any other variant or model year.

I find it funny they failed to include the Falcon in FH2 seeing as it was in FM5. It’s unfortunate because it’s a great car. But yes, the Mustang would be the closest thing to the Falcon.

There were many cars in FM5 which failed to make it in FH2.

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Chevrolet Super Sport - basically a Commodore with the LS3 which would be the closest to the current Falcon.

If you are talking which series,it would be the Holden.

Any Australians here will know that when you mention Falcons and Commodores you think more of a suburban family car more than a race car of any sort. Most Falcons and Commodores you see on the streets here would be struggling to race in a D class contrary to the Mustangs you mention which are more of a sports car.

They do make S class Falcons and Commodores of course, and you see these racing around Mount Panorama IRL as in FM5. But the Falcon GT you see in FM5 was a pretty sporty car back in 1973 and even it was a D class car.

I doubt you’ll ever see Falcon family cars in a Forza game. They’re just not very exciting cars to drive.