For a game based around being social. It's really anti-social

How can you call your game “social” and not even include a chat function? Do you really expect me to use that dodgy xbox app that doesn’t even load half the time? It’s been 8+ months since we’ve seen any updates to the “social” features.

The mic chat for PC hasn’t worked since launch, and they wont even address it, I haven’t heard a single person speaking in the lobby or during a race. I used to hear them all the time in Horizon 3, that game was WAAAY more social than this.

Like wow, you gave me terrible quick chat options that I can only have 4 of, and none of them can properly express my dissatisfaction, because I guess it doesn’t exist to them. Everyone is always happy because they censor the unhappy ones.

They introduce so many things nobody asked for, and ignore the exceptionally-requested features. Why even have a forum if you’re just gonna ignore what your community thinks?


I hear people chatting all the time
Especially during races and in between
I wish there was an easier way to block them without going to their gamertag after the race


I’ve never really thought of Horizon as a “social” game. I’m not sure I’ve seen it touted as such in a manner that would make it seem like a central element, either.


No car meets? Check!

No voice chat in free-roam? Check!

Ghosted out cars during Forzathon and free-roam so you can’t check out others’ liveries, even from a distance? Check!

No voting in multiplayer? Check!

No multiplayer in both DLC expansions? Check!

Overly censored community forums (not just ‘bad’ words)? Check!


Is that in case it upsets a “Snowflake”? Check!

Club feature has also been almost removed compared to previous FH


It seems like they were trying to use the XBOX club feature, which could theoretically allow clubs to easily span multiple games. But the implementation certainly didn’t work very well for me.

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Nice Car

I would buy that for a dollar.


Who says it isn’t social?


I played much more multiplayer in Horizon 3, and many more multiplayer modes then. There are several features I’ve been missing: Rivals (it’s been months since launch but it’s coming back eventually), the way Playground Games (not just Team Games…) worked, voting in Online Adventure…

When people before launch were saying: “But this FH4 looks too similar to Horizon 3, you know?” as if it was a bad thing, I was like: “God, I sure hope so!”

But the mic chat? That one is a feature I do not miss, nope, not one bit. As far as I’m concerned that was an improvement, and wish the personnel responsible for such “malfunction” would receive a raise, a pat on the back, and a bottle of wine.

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if you want to get rid of people speaking or making noise during race on game chat, just create a private chat. Act just as a mute All.

I’m on PC and during races the mic icons of others constantly light up when the speak but I hear absolutely nothing.


Oh yeah! Forgot to add something.

Cannot privately give cars to friends, you MUST go through the dodgy, thieving auction house. Lord knows your friend is never getting that car from all the bots. They wont address that either because they think they don’t exist.

No rating system for how dirty players are (a 2013 game by a small dev team was able to implement it fine.) so you have no idea how clean the person near you is. Once again they believe bad players dont exist. That’s why they never get banned for griefing.

Clubs appear to be an absolute mess because they want you to use the Xbox App.

Online Ranked is a mess and they wont address it, despite literally everyone telling them it’s wrong.


The game is based around cars, everything else is glued to that.

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An online game without juvenile chat spamming. This is a big perk for me actually.


They’re expecting you to use your mic. This is 2019, not 1995.

It’s very anti-social unless you’re playing with friends. The only place people really gather is on the motorway so they can drag race, apart from that people just avoid each other. If there’s 60+ players in the lobby most are invisible and the ones that aren’t are so spaced out across the map it feels deserted. FH3 felt more populated than this game, there’s not much to do which is probably why the lobbies are so empty most of the time. I’ve noticed that hardly anyone plays the Forzathon events now, probably because it’s the same repetitive garbage every time.

It is almost necessary to have an in-game chat box in any PC multiplayer. It just comes with the territory. In a game like Forza, it’s “absolutely necessary”. No ifs or buts, or questions about it.

I need to be able to ask everyone in the session at the same time -
“who’s down to do Highway pulls”, or “who’s down for drag races at this specific location”; for example. Maybe it’s something else. Maybe I just want to invite everyone around me to Legoland without having to exit the game, or go to the player list or any of the extra time consuming missions that Turn10 currently has us going on just to communicate a simple idea to a fellow player.

Im disgusted of having to go to each player in the session’s player list to send them each a separate message via XBOX companion or invite them to Chat. Who wants to send messages back and forth or chat on a mic with a total stranger??? That just doesn’t make any sense. Just last week, I got a chat invite from a kid who was like 13 years old. It was extremely awkward to say the least, as I’m a grown man. If we had an in game chat, we would have been able to chat/hang out without any issues; despite our age difference.

The Convoy invite/quick chat options are outdated/senseless and do not get the right message across. Having an in-game chat provides better privacy, safety and overall convenience. It also adds the social elements which everyone wants to experience in a game like this. As much as many people want to criticize GTA Online’s in game Chat and toxicity, it WORKS. After 5 years, GTA sessions are still very populated.

The truth of the matter is, that without an in-game chat in Horizon ,everything you want to plan or do with other players takes longer or becomes impossible to accomplish. The game feels empty/lonely most of the time. I’d rather deal with game chat toxicity than loneliness in a multiplayer game, and as I mentioned above; people would most probably feel more comfortable not having to privately message/chat with strangers who are most probably in a different age group.

Turn 10 provides 2 updates with 2 new smaller maps, which are cool…but fails to provide an update which features what the
community really needs. In both the new Maps, we face the same problem. Beautiful environment that feels LONELY/EMPTY!!! Give us an IN-GAME CHAT BOX Please!