FOMO content?

Just a quick question… does the game feature FOMO content like FH’s weekly playlists with exclusive cars? I’ve been searching all over but found no definite answer.

Yes it does have FOMO content:

Featured Tours are limited-time career events organized around themes. The first of these is the Track Tour, showcasing different varieties of cars built for competition on the track. Each week there will be a new series of races featuring different types of track cars, including that week’s Spotlight car.
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Thank you. I saw that article, but it is not clear to me what exactly will be rewarded, and how much time will be given to get it. There’s also talk of a showroom car that you can get for 30% off and such, as well as talk of how you have two additional weeks to complete things.

So I assume there will be a free and potentially exclusive car to be had as reward for a monthly tour? Or are spotlight cars already weekly rewards, or are these just the cars needed for that week?

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In this post there’s a more detailed description:

Correct, for this month it’s the Acura ARX-06.

Thank you. How much work will it be to get that car? Is it on the level of FH5, or somewhat less? I’m asking since I’m wondering if I can fit one more game into a week, so to speak, and whether I should buy it now or if I can wait a week or two.

when you skip the practice and turn down the AI its a brain afk task you will just have to endure for around 30-40 mins a week.
oh and when you dont have a car leveled up for that particularly event you cant upgrade it and have to creep around the track with 100mph in an event you just have to endure cause… fomo.
not that bad, isnt it?

just imagine how boring it would be if the weekly events are setted up like… drive a 80’s prototype around mulsanne in X minutes. or overtake X cars in one lap on the nordschleife…

That sounds manageable. I do intend to play the game a lot, there’s just another racing game that came out recently that I’d rather play a bit first. Will I miss something if I hold off for a week or two? As in will this week’s stuff be unavailable the week after?

I mean, I do appreciate having weekly stuff to do in racing games so I do like things like the playlist or the summit, it’s just that it’s suddenly several more games. I’m not a fan of fomo either, but it is what it is with current year games, sadly.

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