FM7 - OEC Online Endurance Championship looking for drivers

Hello mates, are you interested in an endurance league featured with LMP 1/2 and GTEs? If you are, why not join us? We are a group of nice and causal drivers of all skill levels, we race every Saturday at 5 PM EST. This is our third season, and big changes have been made. We have raced 5 races so far and have 15 left to race. Most of our races will be an hour long with separate practice and qualification. You can also create a team to race in during the series. We will have rewards for each of the class leaders at the end of season 3,also rewards for winning team, we would also reward those who would be joining us as broadcaster/commentator or as race steward. If you want to know more about us, join us at our discord. Reward gives out in the method of electronically gift cards.

Is this still open?