FM7 Downloading issue

Hey guys! Can anyone help me with this issue? And do you think this is normal? FM7 is reporting it is downloading 188 GB out of 188 GB, so the download is not stopping and the size is growing as shown in the picture!

FM7 Download issue

I’m also having the same problem, if anyone finds a solution, please help me, I’ve already downloaded 215.3 GB

Same here.
Problem started when I upgraded to W10 1803 and reinstalled Forza again.

Edit: Already tried resetting Windows Store cache (wsreset) and even resetted Windows Update… the problem still persists.-

Edit2: Even worse… 200Gb…

I don’t know if the problem has been fixed, but I was able to install Forza 7 correctly minutes ago. The folder is approximately 98Gb.
Prior to the installation, I stopped WindowsUpdate service, deleted the SoftwareDistribution folder, ran WSRESET and tried again.