FM6 Mobil 1 Car Pack - December

One area fan base?

I’d believe you if the pack was full of one type of car, like 7 sedans, 7 supercars, 7 jdm’s or 7 classic muscle cars.

But all the packs so far have a variety of different types. This pack has one early GT racecar, one open wheeler, one classic muscle car, a commodore, one luxury coupe, a classic ferrari and a hypercar. How the hell do does that selection cater only to one fanbase??


Another great pack! The Holden, Koenigsegg, and Chevrolet-Lola have me interested most, especially Christine! I’m wondering what this month’s content update car is, so far it’s been good.

sigh still no signs of any stock cars, guess theres always next month

I think Turn 10 made a deal with NASCAR not to have stock cars in exchange for Watkins Glen and Daytona. Sorry dude.

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I wonder if the One:1 will replace the Agera in the Hypercar Showcase event at Le Mans. Since there are only 3 cars in that race (The Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 are the others) wand we don’t have the Porsche 918 yet it would be an obvious choice.

When it comes to car packs, Turn 10 know how to please. Very keen to try the One:1, RS-7 and Lola, and I daresay the Mercedes looks interesting too. =)

Cant believe the plastic pig is in Forza
Just hope someone can knock up a Perkins HSV design or Telecom Communications for the VL asap!

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I’ll probably work on the Perkins livery tonight if I get time…


The VL commodore and the Plymouth Fury make this pack worth it for me. Being a fan of the film Christine ever since i was a child the excitement when i saw it as one of the DLC cars certainly brightened a otherwise cold morning in December and its very rare to get Australian Cars and i look forward to more.

Man, if you don’t like this pack, I’m afraid you don’t like cars. Can’t wait to throw these around some corners soon! (C’mon kids, it’s bedtime. Time for daddy to play.)


Wouldn´t say so - only the RX7 seems to be “useable” (for me). The Egg will be difficult to drive I guess, and the Merc isn´t the right tool for tracks. M2 would´ve been better IMO, but I expect it to come in 2016, as well as the Aventador SV and the F12 TDF. 488GTB is missing either, but you can´t always be pleased with the cars, can you!? I just hope, that there will be enough GT3s in the Porsche expansion pack :smiley:

You can still love cars, and not like all cars. Or certain types of them. You don’t have to love all cars to /love/ them, if you get what I mean. I love cars myself, but there are brands I do not like. And there are ones I enjoy more than all others. It is all personal preference.

That said, I do look forward to throwing the One:1 around the tracks.

I should clarify my statement. I meant if you don’t like SOMETHING in this pack, you don’t like cars. There’s something for everyone between the hypercar, the open wheeler, the classic Ferrari, the IMSA Mazda, the drifty, muscle car from Australia, the American classic, and the new Merc. But I’m sure someone will argue with that too.


I Have to say I quite like the car pack. Don’t give a hood about the road cars, expect the One:1 which is kinda cool though I’ll probably never use is. I’m hoping the Holden is the first of many Group A cars to come to the game. I think the dominos imdy is funny and the RX-7 is cool

Great to see the C63 and the One:1 finally make it in Forza


I’m disappointed there is no NSX, but wait, will it be include as the Free Car of this month’s content update? I like the Koenigsegg One:1 (would have preferred the Regera, but EA beat T10 that it and released it to Real Racing 3 instead). I also like the Plymouth Fury (always wanted a REAL Shark Fin car with that long trunk line) and the Chevy open-wheel car.

Is the free car a separate car? I always thought it was just one of the cars in the pack. Hope you’re right though.

Is the '13 Focus ST the free car? I just noticed it in my Message Center but it might have been there before the update.

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Dude, get a life!!!