FM2 A class drift / grip Specialist

Heres a little background,
former Driftworkz member back in the fm2 days. As everyone was using S class I always use to tune A class cars. My main weapon of choice is the ae86.
Why people ask, its because with such grip and lower hp i can aggressively enter corners faster.
My tunes ranges from simple to complex, depending on the vehicle. i spend hours fine tuning the little things. but with the main focus of being A class i spend most of my time tuning the gearings.
Warning tho if you don’t got to balls to enter fast you’ll just stall some of my cars LOL. tunes focus on high speed entry to keep the momentum so aint for everyone.
I got 6 tunes so far and will try to add more bi daily(1 tune in the store is for sht n giggles LOL)
PS Non of my A class tunes will pass 500hp! If u have doubt try one of my tunes :slight_smile:

Also do request tunes for any class vehicles
So Search me up, and if you have any suggestions lmk!

2 cars coming soon
Rocket Bunny S15

Revising the rx7 gear ratios and tire compounds / width look out for a V2 soon!
s15 still tuning
sc300 going to publish tomorrow

RX7 V2 is up! less grip and weight lowered, ratios fix
SC300 up, V1 will improve once i get more seat time in it!
Rocket bunny S15 almost done

Next cars to be tune will be the 72 Skyline and the NB miata stay tuned!

NB A Class Drift tune is up!
Rocket Bunny S15 A Class Drift is up! potential to go faster~ Look out for V2
240sx A Class Drift is up!

Work in progress~
A Class Drift R34
A Class Drift 72 Skyline
A Class Drift NSX(Might be widebody)

Grass roots series of tune will be at work. (Tunes a budget drifter would get, and the estimated HP most tunes will have less then 400hp and a lot of clutch kicking!! LoL)

Starting from the latest tune (the 240sx) all tunes will have the title Kata(class)(discipline) Example : Kata A Drift / Kata A Grip / Kata GR(Grass roots) Drift etc, for easy search

A Class Drift tunes up:
Silvia S13
Skyline gtr R34
72 Skyline 2000gtr

On the way:
A class Silvia S14
A class S2000
S class RC F(Bonus tune)