FM Car Voting Questions and Corrections (read the first post)

FM Car Voting Questions and Corrections

Your input improves the Forza team’s ability to capture accurate feedback. We welcome any topic naming corrections you may have and questions about the car voting process here.

Model Identification

If you spot an incorrect model year range or name used for a voting topic please point it out in a reply here. Being concise and providing reference links will help speed up the correction process. #helpmehelpyou

Note that because we copied existing FH topics to this section some of those corrections will need to be reidentified here.

In most cases car topics will identify a model by its generally recognized generation, which tends to be related to the chassis. This is to help provide a clearer picture to the development teams about which models to pursue. Strict generational identification isn’t set in stone, and while users may dispute certain grouping, please respect the reasoning for keeping some topics named as-is for the purpose of helping transmit the feedback to the Forza team. Feel free to ask about the reasoning and I’ll provide explanation where I can.

Car Voting and Content Updates

First and foremost, please remember that with all Suggestions Hub and Troubleshooting Hub topics, community vote count is vital to helping the team target high priority requests but it doesn’t supersede the realities of game development. Sourcing, logistics, licensing, and game fit are all factors in deciding which cars get added to the game or not. Any model that was in a previous Forza title cannot simply be ported over without addressing those factors, including adjustments for the new game lighting, physics, audio, PI, upgrades, and functions, so it’s never as easy as some community members would like to believe. Cars with low vote counts may be added to the game before highly requested cars, or the model variant the community requested doesn’t end up being the one that is added to the game; this is normal, the developers aren’t ignoring community feedback. The team reviews community feedback regularly and treats it as an important part of the game’s continued support.

(Please don’t vote on this topic as it’s not related to tabulating community interest. Use the Bookmark feature or Tracking if you’d like to keep track of this topic)

Is the process of (re)opening threads for voting on cars for Forza Motorsport complete now? I’d like to manage my votes and maybe transfer them here and there but I’d like to do it for all cars in one go. I’ll wait if there is more work to do in copying threads :slight_smile:


The bulk process is complete, and we’re now into adding individual topics from requests in the Car Topic Submissions thread. In processing the split from combined models to FH and FM separately, the racing spec models were moved to FM while production, offroad and rally race car topics remain in the (renamed) Car Voting - FH category and retain their vote counts and replies there.

By bulk adding the production models to Car Voting - FM, those are new topics so the vote count starts at zero. Users can go to the FH topics and click on Vote again to reclaim their vote if you’re solely interested in seeing that model in FM instead of both FM and FH.


The Porsche 924 GTP Motor Werks Racing should be it’s own topic. It’s a highly modernised car compared to the original 924 GTP.
[MM: For now this will remained a combined topic.]

RE: Okay, thank you for your response.

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3 topics for Saab 9-3 racing spec, one is unspecified.

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Hello can you please put the Lamborghini SC63, Porsche 963, BMW M Hybrid V8, Acura ARX-06, Alpine A424 in LM-Hypercar tag please ?

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Can you also create an IMSA tag please ?

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These are now tagged.

For IMSA, are you looking to group all SportsCar Championship models in GTP, LMP, and GTD? Or all SportscCar + Michelin Pilot Challenge + VP Challenge + Porsche + Ferrari + Lambo + MX-5 + Mustang series? Would it be helpfuil to have an IMSA-WEC tag to cover the cars that race in both series?


Yes this would be nice and helpful to have an IMSA tag for all Sportscars + Michelin Pilot Challenge + VP Challenge + Porsche + Ferrari + Lambo + MX-5 + Mustang series. and also an WEC-IMSA tag for both series. Thank you for considering my requests

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Would it be possible for the Acura NSX GT Topic to be adjusted to also include any GT Spec Honda NSX’s used in Japanese Domestic Racing Series?

An internal Poll could be used to see if people favour the International Acura GT models or the domestic Japanese Honda SuperGT models instead.

Alternatively if you’d prefer a separate Topic for International GT and Japanese GT Variants of cars then I could make a list of any that are already existing topics to make the process easier.

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Same thing over here as well

Same topic?

Saveiro now is independent from Gol
while Gol stopped selling late 2022, Saveiro got a new generation

Image issue:
The upload page is shown as private, maybe that has something to do with it

KS Note: Fixed it now thank you


Aveo is also known as Chevy Sail

KS Note: Added extra info

Can you change from TCR Spec to Racing Spec since C3 has various types of touring cars besides TCR

TCR is just Touring Car Racing so any form of Touring Car whether it be the actual FIA WTCC/WTCR or any National Leagues down to Cup Races fit under that umbrella.

There is also a separate Topic for WRC Cars so if there’s any Non-Touring Car version of the C3 that you want to Submit I can make a new topic for it at some point.

TCR is only for the TCR type of racing cars, outside of it should be used Touring Cars or Touring Type
There has others types of touring cars like TC2003, Stock Car Brazil, Turismo Nacional (Argentina and Brazil) and others…

In resume, A TCR car is a Touring Car but not all Touring Cars are TCR Cars

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Indeed but it’s currently being used as an Umbrella term for any type of Touring Car Racing.

Not necessarily the exact TCR Touring Car Spec, this is mainly just to save space on the Topic titles as some of them are quite long.

As a result any car that fits a Touring Car specification belongs under that umbrella and if multiple versions prove to be popular once submitted an internal Poll can be added to give a definitive view of where the interest lies.