So sick of my game constantly crashing and disconnecting from servers, is this ever gonna be fixed? and why does it take 500 million years just to select your car between races? Come on turn 10


It seems worse after this last update. I am running into situations where other cars aren’t showing in the race, or miy car isn’t to other people. You think you’re getting rammed or blocked but turns out the guy you’re racing with never even saw you.

This certainly doesn’t lend to a harmonious community.

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There’s a bug in Sonoma where you may gain control of your car only after the race has started. Pretty annoying.

There are several tracks where this happens, it isn’t exclusive to just Sonoma. It has happened to me many times, just a few days ago it happened at Daytona 24hr circuit and managed to change my cam view from cockpit to chase cam. By the time I got it straightened out, it was to late to make a push for a podium.

Was waiting for that track and soon as it showed up, this happened. LOL

I don’t play multiplayer & I play on an Xbox one, so I’m not seeing these issues, but I’m very frustrated that freeplay is still having issues like drivatar liveries not showing up & cars running off track for no reason at Road America’s carousel. To add insult to injury, Turn 10 has already shifted a large portion of their focus to Horizon 4. Fix FM7 before moving on to the next game! This is ridiculous!!

Turn 10 in Redmond, Washington, is the developer of Forza Motorsport. Playground Games (in England) produces Forza Horizon. Not having facts straight where two different companies are involved is ridiculous.


So the guys in Redmond, Washington, who work on quality assurance or patching FM7 when there is a problem, don’t work on Forza Horizon at all? If that’s the case, then I feel better knowing their focus is entirely on FM7. If they are helping or collaborating on Horizon, then I still feel they should fix FM7 before moving on to the next project. I genuinely don’t know how the work load is divided between the 2 series. Not trolling here…just expressing my frustration. It’s a good game but it could be a great game.

I wish I could make a video to show how freaking laggy the car selection is. It really is unacceptable to have this problem in 2018 and after 8 months of life of this AAA game with many patches.

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Chimin’ in here. I’m also having multiple issues. Liveries keep disappearing, notifications/forzathon/SD dont pop up immediately when signing in, going into my designs/vinyl groups is slow and doesn’t load the picture half the time, and if you tried to load it in that state you’ll get stuck loading.

Seems like neglect on their end with their servers OR they’re experimenting. Either way something’s gone bad and I’m sure it’s not my connection.

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