First person view

A long long time ago I played a racing game I can’t remember which one but when you were in first person view the when you turn the car the driver would look at the apex of the turn.

basically Shifting the screen so you’re always looking straight ahead I don’t know if I’m describing it good but imagine you’re looking out the windshield and then you start to drift and instead of looking at the side of the road you’re looking out your side window.

Does Forza have an option like this I find it nearly impossible to drift while looking into the forest while my car is sliding sideways then I can’t do it in 3rd person view cuz I don’t know how to drive a car from behind and above it doesn’t work.

You can manually adjust your view with the right stick. But I’m pretty sure there’s no setting to make it happen automatically. I want to say GRID had an option like that - I recall encountering it in some game and being annoyed by it.

I believe the game you are referring to was Shift 2 and was a NFS variant like Burnout was as well. To answer your question no it does not have that feature. You can move your veiw with the joystick in veiws and in some cases the only option is 90 degrees RT of Left from the driver ( to moniter side by side racing )

I also noticed you made the same post 6 hours earlier…why post a second thread? You could have just commented on your original post and it would have bumped to the top without a duplicate thread now in the forum.

Unfortunately, Forza does not have this option. However, with multiple displays, Forza shows the full view, let say 3 screens, what the right stick shows if you pan left and right while in first person. In Forza Horizon I have to normally play with camera close behind because there are too many variables for first person, unless you are playing on a course you are experienced on.