First cars you will buy and why

So with the Full list (just about confirmed) what cars do yous plan on getting ASAP barring starter/ rewards

I plan i getting the Lotus Carlton as its probably one of my favorite saloons mainly as I love the sheer sillyness of it and its looks good with touring paints on it.
The Daytona for being one of my all time favorites and also due to the game having the perfect course for it to be tested on
Since I cant get my hands on the Challenger 392 SRT8 (another favorite from the crew and driveclub) Ill get the hellcat
VW deluxe for low class fun
and the Rally fighter as a fun challenge with the intention of taking round the ring in the wet

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Probably the E23.
Sorry - I just love F1 cars :smiley:

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Nothing against you but is it just me who thinks this really shouldn’t be possible to start up a game and purchase what will be no doubt one of the games highest priced vehicles? Ah well as is the times

I may go for a Mustang of some description or possibly something AWD to see and feel it come to life in wet conditions

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I kinda agree with this. Even though I should have at least 15,000,000 credits (20 if I get my act together in Horizon 2) as soon as I fire up the game, I won’t be blowing them all right away on a C7.R, or V12 LMR, or 250 GTO or what have you, eg. I’ll play this game like I’ve played every other FM/H before; get either something with small power and small weight ('86 Si, '97 Type-R, '70/'77 Escort, '66 Cortina–that last one’s probably going to be the way I go) or big power and big weight ('71 Mach 1, '70 Charger) and work my way up.

I hear people talking about “grinding”; as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t been “grinding” in a racing game since I had to take the Vitz around the Test Course 30 times in GT2 or whenever that was.

Then again: I may say it was a grind, but I think that deep down, I’ve got fond memories of that, too, as crazy as that sounds. I guess that as is the case for me IRL, I just love being on the track, regardless of what I’m driving.

It’s only possible cos I got 15 Mil waiting to be spent =:-D

But yeah, I thought about not spoiling myself so soon… To hell with it! I’m getting it!

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Who’s to stop them if they can? Or if it’s the first car they save up for? I’ll probably do the same. I love the high class cars and naturally would drive them over anything else, it means I may have my work cut out grinding credits but if I can get one at the start or early on then happy days!

A Ford ASBO (also known as an orange Focus ST) - always fun to drive my own car on a virtual racetrack :slight_smile:

I own a 2015 Focus ST so I’ll definitely be racing the 2013 ST in Forza.

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I drive a 14!! And I’m gonna drift the 14 Chevy super sport so freakin cool

The same reason but I drive a mk1 focus rs.
Looking forward to the btcc cars aswell

My first car will be the Mercedes AMG GT , i love this car

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Zoom in on the picture of the hood badge…its just a black circle …

I hear yah! the lotus carlton gonna taste the road!

and all the s chassis and brz/gt86 on the Lime Rock Park! can’t wait :slight_smile:

The first car I’ll buy in Forza 6 is the 2005 BMW M3 E46 Coupe because NFS Most Wanted (2005) is one of my all time favorite racing games and I’ve started with that car (or closest BMW to it) ever since Forza 3. Second is always the “Bandit” 1977 Pontiac Trans Am. Not the fastest or the most maneuverable but again I have to have my Smoky and the Bandit car! Then I go on to get various other Movie and TV cars, KITT, Herbie, James Bond’s Aston Martin, Supernatural’s Impala, etc;

PS: Much love to all the talented painters out there in the Forza Games! Especially the ones who recreate the movie and tv cars! I don’t have the talent to do the paint the cars like you do but you help me realize my dream of racing those famous cars! So a HUGE thank you and please keep it up!


This right here. I own an E46 330Ci, and its the closest I can get to driving a car i’ve owned in a video game. And the ‘street bumpers’ to recreate the M3 GT-R are awesome too.

After that I will buy the TDi that is gifted to Tier 8 players, since I can’t reach 8 in time…

Not a freaking clue!

I’ll be buying the '69 Dodge Charger Daytona for my very first car and taking it around the high banks of Daytona!

2013 Mclaren P1 - Because I think it’s the best looking and best driving road car the world has ever seen

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The GT350 is supposed to be a VIP bonus so I’m not sure if that goes straight into your garage or not but if it doesn’t, that’s why I’m buying first. Next would be the older RX7. II wanted to play with that car so bad I’m Forza 5 but never got around to getting the DLC pack it came with. I hope it can pop wheelies :wink: Next I’m making my favorite car for drag racing, the RX3 with a V8 swap…I just became all too anxious to play this game.

Definitely the Challenger Hellcat, the Shelby Mustang GT350R and the 2015 Mustang GT. Yea I love my muscle cars!!

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