FH5 Rally Adventure: Turn Pinned Objectives On/Off

Yes a few hours into this DLC and this autopinning has put me off playing this DLC. I would mark my GPS my choice of next event then run over a board or some object in the game and its moved my GPS to the event it pinned.


This was my #1 annoyance with Hot Wheels DLC. Every time I log in there is a task/challenge auto-pinned to my screen in the Sierra Nueva DLC. I hate this. Look, I drive in bumper cam with the horizonal safe screen very narrow. This is because I like the mini-map and speedo/tachometer directly in front of my face where I can see them. Not on the edges of the screen. I am on PC, so my 25-inch screen is about 2-feet in front of my face. The auto-pinned task just puts a stupid rectangular box right in the middle of my left-hand turns. Stop auto-pinning! Every time I log in I have to dig into the menus and unpin. Totally annoying.


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