FH4 work in the latest Windows 10 version update (20H2)

do i need to downgrade my windows version to play Forza or it is actually compatible now with 20H2?

thx in advance

No, it works fine with 20H2.

Not works on my pc and many other people whith version 20H2.

Everybody saying it works is literally a bot

Well I can assure you I’m completely human and my game runs perfectly on my system which is updated to 20H2

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Looking at my system details, I installed 20H2 in December 2020, and FH4 has been working fine for me all the time since then.

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My Windows version is also 20H2 I updated smth about it yesterday and the game was fine.
Until now, it just decided to stuck in the infinite loop of “Loading, Please Wait” Can someone help me please?

Check for updates (Windows, Store[xbox app,…])

Windows 10 20H2, just checked for win and store updates, store version of game, everything still works just fine.

Thank you, I’ll try checking and updating my game and windows. If something happens I’ll update here.

Update It works just fine for now Thanks to everyone!

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