FH2 will not work with TM Ferrari 458 Spider

All of the buttons work, but the pedals do not work. And the steering wheel will not work. I have the wireless controller off. I plug the wheel in when the counsel is off. Am I missing a step or is my wheel defective?

Have you checked here for a manual?

I simply plugged my pedals into the wheel, then plugged the whole thing into the console and it works fine. I can even have my wireless controller on to navigate the menus within the game or use the chat headset. --. Are you using the side USB?

I’ve had no problems with my Spider wheel working with FH2. Does your wheel work with FM5 or do you only play FH2. Here is the way I plug in everything and turn everything on. Just so I can use my controller to navigate through the menus and upgrade/tune cars more quickly, I turn on my console using my wireless controller. Then I start FM5/FH2 with the controller from the home screen. Once the game boots and is on the start screen, I plug my wheel into the side USB and then press A on my wheel to start the game. It’ll ask what profile you want to use and choose whichever you are using. Then I can drive with the wheel and navigate the menus with the controller. Best of luck!