FH2 My gallery will not load, can I please get some help I've been trying for a very long time

Why when I try and load up my gallery to look at my pictures, why does it say “No uploaded content found” I know I’ve posted pictures from my Xbox 360 and I put them on the Forza Horizon 2 Storefront. It used to work back in late 2014 but it didn’t work every time I tried it. And it also say “No uploaded content found” for the videos but thats because I’ve never posted a video. PLEASE HELP!!!
I’ve been trying for a very very long time and I would love if I could please get some help.

Hello peden18,
As the photos arent appearing in your gallery, I think that your not hitting the " share with community" tab after you have taken a pic?

Once they appear within your gallery, use the info below that I copied.
Hope this helps.

How do I post a picture?
To post a picture you’ve taken in a Forza game, first go to your FM.net Gallery, click on the photo to display it, and right-click on the photo to save the image to your computer. Next, upload the photo to a hosting site like Flickr and use that url to post your photo in the forums. (Please do not link directly to the fm.net GetPhoto url as this stresses the server).
In the forums, either Create a Topic or Post Reply to an existing topic, click the Insert Image button in the message formatting menu bar, and paste the copied url in the link box. You can choose to add an image description (or not) which will appear when users cursor over the photo. This will place the url and description within the {img=} and {/img} (using square brackets) tags into your message (which can also be typed without using the Insert Image button). Picture links without a .png or similar recognized image file extension may not be displayed properly. Pictures are automatically resized to fit within the forums regardless of their source size. Picture content must comply with the forums TOS
See also tips on photography in Forza and this guide on posting photos.

What is the difference between “Quick Reply” and “Post Reply”?
With Reply to post, you will get the menu button options to bold, underline, add bullets, etc. With a Quick Reply, it is exactly that – “Quick”. Simply type your answer and then post it. You won’t have all the formatting button options when doing the Quick Reply, but you can type in the formatting tags around text in your message.

How do I add a link?
You can add a link to a post in two ways. The first is to paste a url directly in the message - when you press Post the full address will automatically be converted to a link (long addresses may be shortened, but you’ll still see the http:// portion). The second way is to Create a topic or Reply (not a Quick Reply), type the name of how you want the link to eventually look (“Xbox.com”), drag your cursor over that text, and press the Create Link button on the Message formatting bar. Enter your url and a hover-over description if you wish, and when you press Post the code will convert the text to a link, like this: Xbox.com

How do I link a specific post instead of the whole thread?
A number appears in front of each post, corresponding to what number the post is in the thread. (It looks something like this. i.e. #2 Posted: 10 minutes ago). Right click the #number on the post you wish to link to, the properties window will come up, copy the URL (copy link address). Either paste it directly to your message, or you can select text in a message, press the Insert Link button in the message formatting menu bar, and copy the url into the field to make the text into a link (such as the name of the thread, being shorter than the full post url).

How do I quote a post from a different thread?
On the lower right of each post is a Quote button which creates a reply quoting that post. The quoted text will be bookended by the {quote=} and{/quote} (using square brackets) tags with the original gamertag and post number. Copy that text, cancel the reply, and paste it into the actual post you would like to make. Make sure any additional text you put in the message is placed after the {/quote} tag. Please do not quote extremely long posts in full.

How do I multiquote?
Choose all posts you want to quote with the Multi-Quote tick box and then just click one of the message Quote buttons.

How do I add a signature to my posts?
Please remember that signatures do need to follow the forum TOS rules, and will be removed if they do not. Go to “My Settings” listed above the forum tabs, under “Personal Profile” select “Signature”. Fill in provided box with text or the link to your signature. You can preview it, and/or save it. Your signature should then appear.
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This is nothing to do with his problem, if you actually view his gallery there’s an error which nobody else seems to be having.