FH2 Infected

Is anyone disappointed with the infected in FH2?

Why? Seems fine to me. ^.^

Infact; now that it has integrated into the online road trips, I find myself playing more infected games then I ever really did when I played Horizon #1 and it’s a jolly good time! xD

only place I can find to play it is under playground and forces me to play it with king. Iam I missing something?

I am happy with it. What don’t you like about it?

only place I can find to play infected is under playground and you have to play it with KING. Am I missing something?

I can only find it under playground and you have to play it with KING. Am I missing something?

…Uhmm I don’t think there IS a playground mode anymore…? OR even a “Veteran Racing” There’s only online free roams, showdowns, or roadtrips.
That’s all I’ve found so far.

If you only want to play infected then the best way is to get a group together in a private free roam and the host set up the games as infected. I think the symbol is awlays king on the map but you can change the mode to infected.

This weekend I want to make progress on my 100 playground games played.

If you want to play certain game modes send me a friend request (XBOX ONE) and let me know what you want to play and I will play those modes repeatedly 100 times lol (I probably only need another 60 or so lol).

The public ways of playing it is to be in public freeroam and hope people join your game or to do public roadtrips and vote for groups with Infected.

Sorry did not mean to post same thing 3 times.

Met a jerk who glitched out my game last night on purpose, he found an exploitable out-of-area bug that can ruin the match.

He was so damn proud of himself. Reported/Blocked.

This is the only issue I’ve had.

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are you no longer able to set up a custom room like you could in FH1? Want to know how to setup a room to play infected and be able to set the track to what ever settings I want and have other users join my session just like you could in FH1. Am I just being dumb and can not figure out how to do this or is FH2 unable to do it?

On the One version you can not set up custom public lobbies as far as I know.

The methods I know of to play infected are:

  1. Public Road Trips and vote for the next set that includes it.
  2. Set up or join a public freeroam, go to one of the Playground event markers, set the options you want and hope someone in that freeroam session wants to play that game mode.
  3. As above but private where you choose to invite likeminded players.

Given the issues with this I propose we try to find people who want to play. I will post a thread in the racers lounge for this.

The only problem I have with Playground is the Montellino Warehouse playground where players can easily leave the area by jumping the wall on the western side.


So many players get to be KING or uninfected and simply head for the jump and leap out of the game.

I must confess I don’t get why anyone thinks this is a good idea. - there is no real benefit to winning a round in Playground., One can rack up lots of CR without doing anything at all.
But so many players in the games I’ve played do this leap out of bounds it ruins my favorite Playground Area.
Why do players do this? Does anyone know what the reasoning for cheating is?

Yes but I also find it cheating IF the developers choose not to fix it.

How do you join a public freeroam and do you find playground event markers?

Not me, what is wrong with it ?

Would someone please tell me how to play infected in FH2 without having to play KING at the same time.

They are completely seperate game-modes. Could you elaborate what you mean by “same time”???