FH2 Delisted Questions

When will FH2 be delisted? Will multiplayer be no longer available as soon as it is delisted? How playable will the game be when online features are no longer available as there are quite a few features such as drivatars that require online connection?

Anybody know the answers? Or have some idea? Thanks in advance!

Well, sadly I doubt you will get an official answer.

About your questions, if we use the past games as a pattern, you shouldn’t worry about the multiplayer gameplay.
All games are still playable. Forza 2, 3, 4, Horizon, 5, H2: F&F. These are the delisted games.

But let’s break the achievements that works strictly online to have an idea in what the game offers, and what “can be turned off”, according to the older games.

Of the 88 achievements, 17 need online to unlock. 13 are for the base game, 3 for Storm Island and 1 for Porsche.

Base game:
2 Car Meet
1 Club
7 any multiplayer event count/online trip/co-op/team events/playground events
1 Leaderboards (cameras)
1 Drivatars
1 Rivals

Storm island:
1 Car Meet
2 any multiplayer event count/co-op

1 Rivals

So we have events count, online trip, co-op, team, playground and probably Car Meet also works the same for Horizon 2, as the game starts in the car meet.
Club we have problems with Forza 4.
Rivals we had problems soon when the fist Horizon was delisted, but they were fixed.
Leaderboards we have some problems when the servers are faulty, but they usually are fixed.
And Drivatars I don’t remember serious problems with Forza 5. In my opinion it’s unlikely Horizon 2 will have problems before Forza 5.

Fox the Xbox 360 version:
9 of the 46 achievemetns are online.
1 Rivals
7 any event count/online trip/co-op/playground
1 Club
Some months ago it was a nightmare to do anything online. But I believe everything was restored. Considering Forza 4 issues, I would not trust Clubs though.


The previous example is FM5, which reached End of Life on 9/30/2017. Per the official announcement:

“That means that the game and its associated DLC are no longer available for purchase. Players who own Forza Motorsport 5 before that date are still able to download and play the game and its associated content as normal.”

The pattern appears to be 4 years after launch, so if that continues with FH2, it would be the end of September 2018.

Awesome, thanks guys!